“Above all, art should be fun.” – Alexander Calder

Fremantle based artist, Rachel Doller has created a collection of mixed media compositions for her first solo show, Content (I made this stuff). 

The works are bold and graphic featuring strong use of colour, shape and texture. Through the process of cutting and collaging the pieces, Doller has actively challenged her creative decision-making to consider what should look good versus what does look good. With the knowledge that art often comes down to personal taste and opinion, she has done away with preconceived notions and worked in a free and instinctive manner. She invites the audience to have fun while viewing the works and says, “I have created a collection of works that I am very happy with and I’m finally at a stage where I am proud to say ‘I made this stuff’.”


Coming and going study 2 // mixed media on arches smooth // texture photo taken standing in the magic waters of South Beach, Fremantle

Born in regional Victoria, Doller is a Fremantle-based mixed media artist who studied Graphic Design at RMIT and has worked as a Graphic Designer in Melbourne, Edinburgh and Perth for over 15 years.  Growing up in a creative home – her father is a talented illustrator, her mother is a maker of all things and patchwork master and her sister is a practicing photographic and textile artist – Doller was always encouraged to be creative in some form or other. Through her childhood and later studies, she developed a love of all things visual – fine art, advertising, fashion, film etc. – and takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including the colours of her neighbourhood, the methods of other artists, traditional patterns from other parts of the world, or even a new favourite song. The photographs that Doller uses in her work are her own, taken mainly of textural elements; fluffy clouds, concrete render, industrial surfaces and leaf shapes that she has observed on her walks around the Fremantle area.

Doller’s work, based on the eternal search of the perfect combination of shape, colour and texture, is a lot about problem solving and often starts with one element – a painted circle, a piece of scrap paper, an image – and from there she experiments with and rearranges the elements until she gets the feeling of visual and internal harmony, when she is content.

She says of her work:

“I love playing around with the scale of shapes, different colour combinations and using patterns and texture to add detail and focal points. I use mixed media because I like the challenge of combining the different medias in new ways. I love how I can move bits of paper around, cut them, stick them down, paint over them if I don’t like it.”

Content (I made this stuff) is the second exhibition held through the Emerging Artist Support Fund, a grant program founded by Art of Freo to assist emerging artists with their first solo exhibition. The Emerging Artist Support Fund is proudly supported by the City of Fremantle.

Art of Freo, Unit 4, J Shed, Fleet Street, Fremantle
Opening 29th March 2018, 5.30pm
Exhibition runs 30 March – 15th April, 2018
Open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am – 4pm


Ellen McCarthy

Ellen McCarthy is an Arts Manager and Educator, who has grown up around Fremantle. Ellen has been involved in the Arts Industry in Perth and Fremantle for 17 years, through working with local companies as well as her own independent work. Recently she has been focused on supporting visual artists in Fremantle and running a small art gallery.