I have very fond memories of spending my childhood in Fremantle and this has played a big part of who I am today.

It all started with my beautiful ethic mum who loved being part of a community where family and friends would come together and Fremantle was just the place. My childhood dates back to having our choice of cake at Miss Maud’s every Sunday with our friends, while mum was busy catching up with her friends over coffee.

After receiving a sugar high from all the cakes consumed, we were off to Timezone to burn off energy and compete for who could get the most red tickets. Sirens, lights, laughter and colour surrounded us and it only encouraged us more as we were caught up in the hype. After all the silver coins disappeared from our tiny little hands, we knew our time was up and it was back to Miss Maud’s to retrieve mum.

If we were lucky, some days mum would take us to Gelato ice-cream shop and we were allowed our favourite ice-creams. I think this is where my love of ice-cream began, the smell of waffle cones being created in the waffle machine still remains a vivid memory.

I am in my early thirties now and I’m still chasing the best ice-cream and long macchiato’s topped up with soy milk to indulge with friends and relive the same childhood dreams. As time moves on, memories continue to grow, adding stories to memory lane.


Suzi Damjanovic

Suzi Damjanovic is a long-time fan of Fremantle – let’s say the last 34 years, and growing. Suzi writes training materials and delivers on a wide range of topics in the learning and development field. She sometimes uses the cafes of Fremantle as her office, as well as spending time on the beaches, eating out in one of the many restaurants, or drinking wine with friends at the pub. She studied at Notre Dame University and loved being part of the student culture in the west end. She takes great joy in watching Fremantle change and grow into the diverse environment we find today.