Introducing The Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund.

The Art of Freo Gallery, with the support of the City of Fremantle, have established the Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund, to make it easier for local emerging artists get their foot in the door of Fremantle’s vibrant arts scene.

The Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund will offer financial and administrative support for local emerging artists wishing to publicly exhibit their works for their first solo exhibition. Grants will be available for eligible emerging artists to cover the essential exhibition costs, including:

• Venue hire
• Marketing and advertising
• Administration
• Opening night expenses (catering and sales, excluding alcoholic beverages)

The aim of the fund is that the selected emerging artists will gain a strong understanding of the process and costs of preparing and setting up a public exhibition, so they have the skills and confidence to exhibit their work independently in the future.

Two emerging artists have been selected for the first round of The Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund: local photographer Kylie Richardson and mixed media artist Rachel Doller. Both artists are active around Fremantle artistically and personally, and address the subject of Fremantle, in literal and abstract forms.

The exhibitions will be held in the Art of Freo Gallery at the J Shed, in the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct. Each exhibition will begin with a public opening night event, followed by a two-week exhibition period, allowing opportunities for the Fremantle community to engage with the exhibition and artist.

Kylie Richardson

Kylie Richardson captures stunning images of the “wonderful things that inspire me about Fremantle”. Kylie’s images are vibrant and energetic, aiming to share her personal experiences and perceptions of the city of Fremantle.

Kylie’s photographic exhibition “Freo by Kylie” opens at the Art of Freo Gallery on Friday February 23 at 6.30pm and runs from 24 February to 11 March.

Rachel Doller

Rachel Doller is a Fremantle based mixed media artist whose bold use of shape, texture and colour composed in experimental arrangements, highlight natural textures, man-made surfaces and geometric shapes found around the Fremantle area. Rachel’s artworks, inspired by the urban landscape, feature a variety of media including acrylic paint, cut paper, digital prints, photography and printmaking.

Rachel’s exhibition opens at the Art of Freo Gallery on Thursday March 29 at 6.30pm and runs from 30 March to 15 April.

Exhibiting in Fremantle

Art of Freo Gallery Director, Ellen McCarthy, says:

Through interactions with local artists since opening the gallery, we have found a huge gap in the knowledge and ability of emerging artists to present their own exhibitions. Many have an idea/exhibition concept that they wish to pursue however do not know where to begin. We have had feedback that emerging artists find the process of booking an exhibition space and organizing an opening night event daunting, as well as price restrictive. The aim of this fund is to help them to overcome these hurdles with financial support and mentoring, to enable them to produce a professional level solo exhibition.

This funding takes the financial risk out of producing a solo exhibition, therefore allowing the local emerging artists to focus purely on fostering a higher level of creativity and engaging with the public in a professional manner.

As an Artist Run Initiative (ARI), Art of Freo is committed to assisting local artists and engaging the wider community in arts related experiences. Art of Freo is also committed to delivering high quality arts events in the Bathers Beach Arts Precinct and working toward building the profile of the area.

The Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund is currently seeking sponsors for round two, and is looking to connect with local Fremantle businesses and patrons to assist this fund into the future. If you would like more information please contact Ellen at



Ellen McCarthy

Ellen McCarthy is an Arts Manager and Educator, who has grown up around Fremantle. Ellen has been involved in the Arts Industry in Perth and Fremantle for 17 years, through working with local companies as well as her own independent work. Recently she has been focused on supporting visual artists in Fremantle and running a small art gallery.