Freo By Kylie is a solo photographic exhibition by Fremantle photographer Kylie Richardson. The exhibition is the inaugural exhibition of the newly announced Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund, offering financial and administrative support to Fremantle-based emerging artists to produce their first solo exhibition.

Richardson captures the quirkiness and ingenuity that lurks behind every corner in Fremantle, through stunning images that are vibrant and energetic, aiming to share her personal experiences and perceptions of the City of Fremantle.

Richardson started life as a photographer nearly five years ago after becoming frustrated with the quality of images she found online while searching for a new home. She took a leap of faith, purchased a property photography franchise and decided to do better. With no experience in photography and a four month old baby in tow, the learning curve was steep. She spent the next couple of years learning and growing the business, while completing a diploma of professional photography. In 2016 Richardson decided she wanted to spend more time on the artistic side of photography and entered pictures into the Fremantle Amateur Photo Competition, winning first prize for the ‘People of Fremantle’ category. She was also approached by RAW to showcase her work in Perth, which helped to focus her creative energy.

Richardson is in Fremantle as often as possible, photographing the exciting things to see and do.

Once I started, it was impossible to look back. The vibrant energetic city of Fremantle has stolen my heart and I now want to let the world see it as I do.

In 2016 she responded to a call out for artists and exhibitions by the Art of Freo Gallery at the J Shed. Richardson said, “I saw this as a chance to push myself out of my comfort zone and give me a big project to work towards, my first solo exhibition.” Her first solo exhibition, and launch of the Fremantle Emerging Artist Support Fund, is a series of photographs of Fremantle, capturing the colours and character of our Port City.

Freo by Kylie opens at the Art of Freo Gallery on Friday February 23 at 6.30pm and runs from 24th February to 11th March, Wednesday to Sunday 11am-4pm.

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Ellen McCarthy

Ellen McCarthy is an Arts Manager and Educator, who has grown up around Fremantle. Ellen has been involved in the Arts Industry in Perth and Fremantle for 17 years, through working with local companies as well as her own independent work. Recently she has been focused on supporting visual artists in Fremantle and running a small art gallery.