Figurehead are an emerging Fremantle pop/rock band comprised of four young guys just beginning to make their mark on the independent music scene.

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The boys got together in 2014 and have been building a steady momentum toward success that has seen them develop a growing following in the local live scene. They have also been featured on the national youth radio network JJJ’s Unearthed program.

Their second EP was successfully launched in 2017, and 2018 promises more recording and touring for this indie band on the rise. Freo Pages caught up with bassist, Ross, to discuss their backstory, influences and hopes and dreams for the future.

How did you first come together as a band?

Matt and Josh started jamming in primary school, as did Chet and I at our own school. These two partnerships eventually joined forces through a music mentoring program ‘Rock Scholars’, working with Jake Webb (Methyl Ethel) and Mitch McDonald (The Love Junkies), to craft our own catchy brand of alternative rock/pop.

What are your musical influences?

Figurehead’s brand of pop has drawn comparisons to both US and British 90’s alternative rock bands. We draw our influences from the likes of The Beatles, Blur, Johnny Marr and the Arctic Monkeys, and have been described as having Madchester, Brit-pop, Pop-rock, and Pop-punk characteristics.

How are the creative roles divided in the band?

Matt brings song ideas to rehearsal and then we all add our parts to the songs. Chet is very handy with recording, so we demo our songs at our rehearsal room before taking them to the recording studio. I do most of the social media, and Josh, amongst other things, just looks good!

What did it mean for you as an emerging Fremantle band to be featured on JJJ’s unearthed program?

This was a really important step for us particularly being over here in WA, where we are a long way from anywhere, so this really helped us reach a wider audience.

What kind of feedback from listeners did you get after that kind of exposure?

Yeah, it was great to see people who have no local connection to us getting in to the music and following us on social media. Locally you notice more people turning up to shows who know the words to the songs.

Have you had any mentors from the local music scene that have helped guide you or support you?

As well as the mentors mentioned above, we have had advice and support from a number of people in the music business who have all been great. This is really important when starting out, as without this, you have no idea who to contact, nor what is expected of you.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

The next few years we plan to put out a few more EP’s and our debut album. We would hope to be playing to audiences beyond Australia and have our sights on the UK and Europe. Really, we want to be touring and promoting our songs.

You can follow Figurehead at figureheadmusic or on their Facebook page.

Photocredit: George Foster Photography



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