Forbes magazine quoted that a mere 8% of New Year’s resolutions are actually achieved.

Here are a few tips to be in that 8%:

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve
  • Work out WHY it is important to you
  • ·Work out what you actually have to do to get what you want

Easy, huh!

If it was that easy we would all have achieved what we wanted long before now. Let’s have a look at how you might be able to get on top of some of those resolutions.

You will often have a mix of short and long term goals. That is great!

If you know you find it too hard to plan too far into the future, concentrate on a couple of short term goals and build some skills to gain confidence in achieving what you set out to do. Once you have mastered small goal wins, you will then have the confidence to tackle a few biggies.

For example, a lot of people want to get in shape starting in the New Year with big lofty goals of tens of kilos gone and a washboard stomach. Within a week, or sometimes even a few days, they have given up and back to their old ways. That is normally because we don’t have a plan, or our plan is too hard and therefore unrealistic.

Set your goal of how you want to look and feel, by when, and why; and then, more importantly, get working on your actions to achieve your goal. If you concentrate on the end result, you slowly start taking actions to work towards your goal. For example, for many years I had said I wanted to run a full marathon. I’m not sure why I classed myself as a runner when I had walked the city to surf twice in eight years. Then I booked the Ayers Rock Outback marathon and voila! I started running and then training seriously, and ultimately completed a full marathon. Signing up and committing to an event gave me a clear focus on the goal. If I hadn’t done that, I’d probably still be saying that I would like to run a full marathon.

If you look at this example in line with the three questions at the start of this article:

  • I got clear on what I wanted to achieve. Not just running a marathon. Running the Ayers Rock Marathon in July 2012.
  • It was important to me as I had loved long distance running as a kid and the thought of completing a marathon to me was a big achievement and test of my mental and physical ability (I like to challenge myself).
  • What did I have to do? Firstly I had to commit to an event, then I had to plan and undertake my training for seven months prior to the event.

And getting into shape without having to commit to a marathon?

A simpler way to get in shape is to look to achieve small incremental changes that lead to BIG results. So, maybe a daily goal initially like having a green smoothie for breakfast, every day for a week. You may plan where you will buy it from or, even better, make it at home (the night before if need be). Once you have conquered a week, you are on your way.

Keep going with your healthy breakfast until you are a month in, and then introduce another change towards your goal. It should be a small change again, like drinking a minimum of two litres of water a day. So now you are eating a healthy breakfast and hydrating.

You should start feeling the benefits of your actions and noticing a difference which then inspires you to introduce another change. Maybe some exercise on a regular basis. Again, small changes are easier to apply such as going for a half an hour walk every Monday and Wednesday. Once mastered, you might want to carry some kilo wrist weights and add in a Saturday walk to your schedule and soon you will find you have more energy and want to keep working towards your goal. As you can see none of the activities are onerous tasks. When they are repeatedly completed these actions will bring on some sustainable changes to a healthier you.

If you keep going this way, introducing small, manageable changes one-by-one, then the bigger changes become easier and your goal is within your reach.

Are you getting the picture?

Make 2018 count!


Nicola Sapsford

Nicola Sapsford has been a Freo resident since 2004 and would’t live anywhere else in the world. Nicola is a qualified Trainer and has worked in a number of industries, always dealing with the people side of things, either in management or training. Her strength is in developing people and helping them realise their potential. In recent years, she has expanded her role into lifestyle coaching. She has been a coach with Fitt Club Freo making fitness fun with other Freo locals. She has a keen interest in community sustainable living and is driven to be an active Fremantle resident.