*warning, this article contains some (implied) strong language. Please avoid if you are easily offended, and instead read one of the other wonderful articles here 🙂

You know the feeling. You get onto Facebook and see people in the comments section, typing a bunch of gibberish, which everyone else seems to understand, but you are left confused and a little too embarrassed to ask WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE ON ABOUT? Well, wonder no more, as we bust up the Internet Acronym mythology and explain what all those terms mean.

F: Let’s start with my personal pet peeve on Facebook. Have you ever noticed in the comments section, someone asking about something and then a whole bunch of people simply typing “F”? The F stands for “Following”. They do this so that Facebook will notify them when other people comment on the post. The fact that the comments they are getting notified about all seem to be other people typing “F” doesn’t seem to deter them, and they stubbornly continue this abhorrent behavior. I have seen someone asking for help with something, and receiving over 50 replies to their question. 48 of them were just “F”! If you want to follow a post and not be super annoying about it, look for the option “turn on notifications for this post” instead. Once you do this Facebook will notify you when anyone else comments on the post. The exact location of the “turn on notifications button” varies from device to device, but once you have found it, you will be a vastly superior Facebook user and can smugly laugh to yourself at all the “F” people.

OMG: Oh My Goodness/Gosh/God –Wow, that incredible! “OMG I love your cat’s new haircut!”

WTF: What the F**k  – Unbelievable, astonishing, negative connation. “WTF is with her cat’s new haircut!”

IDK: I Don’t Know – Rarely seen in Facebook conversations, as everyone on Facebook is an expert. “IDK how you could disagree with me, I researched cat haircuts for more than seven minutes on google”

IIRC: If I Recall Correctly – As in, I think this information is right. (Hot tip: it usually isn’t) “IIRC all cats like to be completely shaved”

AFAIK: As Far As I Know – I don’t know but this educated guess sounds reasonable. “AFAIK cats can actually style their own fur in any way the want to, all by themselves. They just like looking like that”

ANYTHING ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS: Internet version of shouting. Some people don’t know how to turn off caps lock and type like this all the time. Please don’t be one of them. People generally don’t like being shouted at. “DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW I CAN SHARE 900 PHOTOS OF MY CAT’S NEW HAIR CUT?”

TTFN: Ta-Ta For Now – goodbye. “TTFN –going to cut the cats hair”

FFS: For F**k Sake! I can’t believe someone else is saying, thinking, doing, being something I don’t approve of.  “FFS! How could you cut your cat’s hair like that!”

LOL: Laugh Out Loud – I think this is funny. (Note: kids actually say LOL instead of laughing nowadays…)“Your cat’s haircut made me lol”

ROFL: Rolling On the Floor Laughing – I think this is very funny. “My cat came home with the worst hair cut – check this out. ROFL”

PMSL: P**sing Myself Laughing – I think this is hilarious – (Note: people rarely actually wet themselves in real life when typing this it’s usually an exaggeration.) “OMG that cat looks so funny! PMSL”

STFU: Shut The F*ck Up – Please stop talking now. Often used to “win” a Facebook argument. “FFS I did my best cutting the cat’s hair, now STFU”

IRL: In Real Life – as opposed to on the internet or any other virtual world. “I know it looks bad in the photo, but my cat’s new haircut is great IRL”

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but with these common phrases under your belt, you are now ready to venture forth into the world of Facebook and social media and hold your own in those ferocious Facebook arguments. Oh and also, please don’t shave your cat unless you are a professional cat shaver.

If there are any other terms you think should be included, please flick me an email to: ben@bentech.com.au and I will update the list accordingly 🙂



Ben D'Silva

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