Re-imagine Your Street is a street initiative run by The Henry Project that connects neighbours and builds community.

The Henry Project is delighted to be supporting two streets in Fremantle, to create their own individual neighbourhood spaces. We want to make our streets great places to gather, share meals, take some time out, play and get to know each together.

The Henry Project has been fortunate enough to be selected as one of three organisations to be involved in the Huddle Changemakers initiative. Through this initiative, Huddle Insurance have partnered with StartSomeGood to support three projects that can help create a future that is more connected, caring and trusting. As one of the three projects selected The Henry Project is being supported to run a crowdfunding campaign, of which Huddle will provide the first $5,000.

The initiative The Henry Project is running is called ‘Re-Imagine Your Street’. This initiative re-imagines the suburban street as a lively, active and connected group of households. It will create opportunities for neighbours to meet, make new friends and lasting connections, and will demonstrate that by having spaces in common, we can improve our quality of life.

$10,000 GOAL

The crowd funding campaign aims to raise $10,000 in total, to be evenly split between the two streets, for the following projects:

Davies St Beaconsfield

Blighted by many decades of uncertainty with the Fremantle Eastern Bypass, Davies Street is grabbing its evolving character with passion. A small street of less than 30 houses, diversity characterises Davies Street. Housing is eclectic, surrounded by loved majestic street trees. Century old workers cottages, well designed social housing, mid-century brick and tile, an Indigenous elders housing co-operative and intriguing architecturally designed homes house residents across generations and cultures. Couples with young children, single parent families, couples and singles aging in place; gardeners, artists, professionals, students, retirees, and anything in between live here. For several years, the street suffered from a drug house in its midst with distressing antisocial behaviour. With neighbour actions and police support, this negative period in the street’s recent history is finally over. Residents are now energised about filling their street with positive activity and re-claiming ownership of common spaces as part of the Re- Imagine Your Street Crowdfunding Campaign.

The funds will be used for:

  • A shaded seating area on one of the street verges
  • the area will have space for a mobile pizza oven to be hosted by a different neighbour each week

There is no more timeless way for people to connect than by breaking bread. Residents of Davies St are looking forward to Sunday evenings catching up on the week whilst sharing their recipes of new and favourite pizza toppings; to weekend lunch gatherings in the sunshine when the weather permits and to being able to celebrate neighbours birthdays, special occasions and holidays together, on the street, with their family and friends.

Hilton Pocket Park

Hilton Street by Street group is a neighbourhood group of about 30 families who have been meeting at events and gatherings since around 2015. Together, they have coordinated a range of events, from progressive dinners, litter clean-ups, garden workshops, bake-offs and Christmas drinks, all helping neighbours to get to know each other, build trust and feel more connected. With the help of residents, who were involved during design as well as construction, local council recently created a pocket park in their neighbourhood, providing a much needed meeting place for gatherings. The residents are pleased they have a safe and accessible common space now, and want to consolidate more amenities in the existing park, so there is something for everyone to enjoy in the surrounding neighbourhood and in the process create a greater sense of community connection for the local residents.

With the funds, an assortment of features added to their current park, including:

  • planting an edible garden, consisting of fruit trees and herbs
  • a movie ‘screen’
  • a mobile fire pit
  • a street library and noticeboard
  • a shade structure
  • solar powered lighting

Neighbours around Hilton Pocket Park envisage it as a place where neighbours with lots of different interests can come together. It is a place to come to plant and tend an edible garden and to enjoy the festive spirit of harvest time; a place to come and chat over a fire in the evening, to watch the sunset or enjoy the full moon from the park’s elevated vantage point; to gather to enjoy outdoor movie nights; and a place to stop and pick up a good book and chat to a neighbour about what they have been reading. A place where all are welcome and there is something to satisfy everyone’s interest.


For every $5,000 we raise above $10,000 we will work with another street and help them create their own individual neighbourhood space. We hope that the community spirit built up in these projects will radiate outwards, providing inspiration and opportunity for more streets to follow suit.

We invite you to visit the Start Some Good campaign page to find out more. There are lots of great rewards for both individuals and businesses that want to get involved and support these two streets, including tickets to some of Freo’s best live music gigs (kindly donated by City of Fremantle), and exclusive invites to street parties once the funds are raised.  So please check it out and see if there is some way you could contribute.

Your pledge will help these streets turn their vision of a more connected community into a reality and is much appreciated. 


Meriam Salama

Meriam is an architect and entrepreneur with nearly 20 years in the architecture and design industry and is well versed in all that is required to bring architectural developments to successful completion. She is Founder of The Henry Project, a social enterprise which provides opportunities for multiple parties to share ownership of a single title, where they would all be living independently, but with some common facilities. The basic premise of her work is that living together equates to living better: living together can provide better affordability, better social connection and a better quality of life.