On Sunday 14 January 2018, the sky was smokey and dark. Ash was falling from the sky like snowflakes and the sun struggled to make its way through the clouds. The change in the day was eerie, like the earth was approaching a cataclysm and about to end.

The atmosphere reminded me of a movie I recently watched called These Final Hours, which, as it happens was shot in Perth and you will notice many of our local landmarks if you see it. These Final Hours is an Australian film written and directed by Zak Hilditch. The movie follows James, a self-obsessed young man who is just trying to get to a party-to-end-all-parties, but he ends up saving the life of a little girl Rose. Rose is in search of her father and will stop at nothing to find him. This is an action thriller definitely worth watching.

While this is not my favourite genre, I did enjoy this movie and am giving 4/5. However, the rating may have something to do with recently watching Prof Brian Cox and the End of the World on YouTube.

Luckily the actual world didn’t end. Instead, at the end of the day the most beautiful sunset appeared, ablaze with firey reds and deep oranges. And that gives me a wonderful Segway into some magnificent photos of sunsets taken at the end of that smoke-filled day from several local contributors.


Image credit: Steve Doig


Image credit: Kasey Winstone


Image credit: John Scott


Image credit: Jacey Brace



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