Whether you’re looking to build, buy a brand new or established property, Fremantle and its surrounding suburbs offer a diverse range of homes for first home buyers. However, many overlook the area, thinking it’s too expensive.

Apart from a range of traditional and unique homes and apartments, the City of Fremantle is also actively leading the conversation in Baugruppen-style developments and small house options with the goal of creating higher density quality, affordable and liveable spaces. A Baugruppen allows buyers to bypass developers and create their own purpose-built apartments. Prospective buyers get together in groups to develop and construct their own homes. At the end of the process, each buyer ends up with a separate titled property.

In White Gum Valley, for example, a significant effort is taking place to create and increase housing choice with a diverse range of medium density housing options, like Baugruppen or small lot developments. Medium density housing not only provides more affordable options for buyers, it also meets the growing need to accommodate a broadening range of household demographics and lifestyles.

The low-rise style of building blends in with established homes requiring less land. Medium density increases sustainability potential due to a smaller urban footprint and provides options for smaller households, which is great news for first home buyers wanting to stay close to where they grew up, in the same area as their family, close to where they work, or in an established community network.

With so many options, the good news for first home buyers is that there is no stamp duty on vacant land purchased for less than $300,000, or homes and units valued at less than $430,000. Stamp duty is applied at a reduced rate on more expensive land and housing options with full stamp duty payable at $400,000 for land and $530,000 for homes.

If you are going to build a new home or if you have found a brand new first home option, then you may also be eligible for the First Home Owner Grant of $10,000.

If this all sounds complicated then discussing your options with an experienced local mortgage broker will certainly help demystify the home buying process and most importantly help you to plan for a future, living in the Fremantle community close to family, friends and your network.

Owning a home in or near Fremantle may be closer or more achievable than you think. You may be two years, a year, or just a few months away from considering a home mortgage, but it never too early to have a discussion that will help you understand the process and lender requirements and create your plan.

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John Vodanovic

John Vodanovic has lived and worked in Fremantle for over 20 years. He established a mortgage broking business in 2003, initially working from the Small Business Incubator Unit set up in the historic Fremantle Prison, before establishing an office in North Fremantle. He can be contacted on 0407 111 121, his website or Facebook