We all love our dogs in Freo. One of my greatest loves is photographing the dogs at the beach. I’ve been a photographer for 40 years, and photographing the dogs at South Beach for six.

My story begins with my now 14 year old Golden Retriever called Millie. Six years ago, my ex-wife took Millie back to England with her. We get along well so I get to see Millie regularly – via webcam, Skype, Viber – and I get updates on how she is going.

But I missed Millie terribly once she had gone, so I kept my routine of wandering down to the dog beach going and joining in with the community of people and dogs enjoying the beach.

It was my mate Kenny (of Little Hawk Café in Beaconsfield) and his Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup, Georgie One Sock, that inspired me to start photographing the dogs at the beach, about six years ago.

Over that time I’ve built up enough footage – a mix of video, drone and stills – to make a documentary about the dogs of South Beach. That is my next project.

The community spirit of Fremantle is well known. What is less well known is the particular community of dog walkers at South Beach. It doesn’t take long for a daily hello to develop into a friendship and for the dogs, it takes no time at all. My photographs are testament to this community and the many stories they have to tell. Here are some of them.
















Saf Ali

Saf is a local Fremantle resident, who migrated to Australia 15 years ago. He has been taking photographs for over 40 years, and previously ran his own photography business with his best friend. With a passion for taking photographs, he finds himself lost without taking pictures, and has a rule that he must take at least one photograph every day of his life. Photography to Saf is simply about capturing memories and stories.