If you’re not advertising on Facebook, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful marketing tools available.  With over 15 million Australians checking their Facebook Page EVERY DAY, it’s not surprising most businesses have jumped on board.

Powerful audience selection tools allow you to target ads by age, gender and lifestyle choices, advertising costs are competitive, and detailed performance metrics offer users the flexibility to monitor and adjust campaigns to maximise ROI.

Impressed, and want to jump on board too?  Check out my key Facebook Tips and you’ll be creating social content like a PRO in no time!

#1 – Establish a Content Strategy

Before you write any content establish your (1) key messages, (2) Facebook objectives such as increased online sales, (3) target audience, including gender, age and interests, and (4) number of posts you want to publish each week.

Then outline a monthly content plan listing post days, content streams, key messages, promotions and boost budget.

Organised? You’re now ready to get creative!

#2 – Content must be fun and engaging

Use bright, eye-catching imagery with text that will make your audience smile.  Try to keep posts short, no more than 80 characters, and include videos, pictures, blogs and quotes to keep your Page interesting and engaging.  Subtly weave through key messages, including relevant calls to action, such as ‘shop now’, ’learn more’ and ‘book now’.

#3 – Get personal

Try including some ‘personal’ content from time to time as this performs strongly on Facebook and helps develop customer brand loyalty.

#4 – Schedule your Posts on Facebook

Facebook may penalise posts uploaded on external scheduling tools so try Facebook’s ‘easy to use’ scheduling platform instead.  Use the ‘insights’ tab on your Page to check when most of your audience is online and schedule accordingly.

#5 – Video

Facebook LOVES videos you create ‘in-house’ to promote your business, particularly those shared ‘live’.  With organic reach higher than a single photo or blog post they’re a great way to reach out to your community.  Historically, shared videos also performed strongly though a recent drop in organic reach and an inability to boost suggests this trend has ended.

I do not recommend uploading YouTube content to Facebook as the thumbnail image is small, visually uninspiring and likely to be overlooked.

#6 – Competitions

Competitions work well on Facebook and are a brilliant way to engage your audience.   Consider running a competition when you are launching a new product, attending an upcoming Expo, or promoting a seasonal in store range.  Your competition premise should amplify your key message and your prize choice tie-in seamlessly.

Make sure your competition adheres to Facebook’s Competition Rules, and upload your own competition rules to a landing page or Facebook Page.

‘Easy to enter’ competitions, such as ‘put your name in the comments below for your chance to win’, will generally attract more participants than those with a more creative or complex entry mechanism.

#7 – Boost with Ads Manager

Always boost posts with Ads Manager so you can select the correct advertising objective for your campaign and maximise ROI.  Objectives include conversions, video views, website traffic and Page likes, amongst others.

Ads Manager also allows you to choose where you want your advert to be seen, offers greater targeting options and provides detailed analytics to help you decide which ads are most effective for your business.

Want some help to get started?  Come to my ‘Introduction to Facebook for Business’ workshop.

When: 5.30 – 7.00 pm, Thursday 30 August 2018

Where: The Local Hotel, 282 South Tce, South Fremantle

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Parisa de Jonge

Born in London, Parisa moved to Freo with her Australian husband in 2008. She practiced as a lawyer for 15 years before switching to a marketing position at Mundella Foods/Margaret River Dairy Company in search of a better work/life balance. Using her considered and analytical approach, she was quickly promoted to Assistant Brand Manager, with responsibility for the brand's digital footprint. In 2017 she set up her own business, Flutter, offering a comprehensive range of Social Media Services. Contact Parisa by email at parisa@flutter.net.au, or call her on 0431 104 792.