Hilltop coffee is one of those places that once entered, everyone loves.

In the daytime, Hilltop Coffee is a relaxed place to grab a small bite and a coffee. The café includes fragrant herbs leading to an outside entrance with outdoor seating, as well as tables inside. Catherine, the owner of the suburban ‘getaway’, makes a great brew. Catherine previously worked at Bread in Common, a well-known and loved Fremantle eatery. This is her first venture out on her own.

It’s great to see the spirit that has attracted people to Fremantle is still alive and well in the suburb of Hilton. Beyond the day- to-day offerings of Hilltop Coffee, weekly food truck events were on offer in the lead up to summer. No mean feat for a start-up business, but Catherine in her calm and community-orientated nature just got on and did it! Now in the new year, the budding business has homed in on one particular part of the food truck nights and that is community participation. Being a mother herself, Catherine saw talent in the younger years in the area. By that, I mean the kids.

Joining together with the fabulous facilitator, Del B (who is just a bit talented too), who mics up the show so we can play our dance tunes or amplify our voice and instrument. He starts us off by playing his guitar and singing current music that we know. This helps because then no-one has to go first! All types of performance is welcome and everyone gets nervous and excited before getting up. The best part is how impressed everyone is at the end.

Together they are giving kids a chance to perform on the small stage. That being Hilton arcade, one of two entrances to hilltop coffee in office hours.

So basically, a group of talented people have come together and created an awesome event that, up until now only a few knew about. We have really enjoyed “our private little party” hidden in Hilton Arcade. But the word has spread, and more talented young people have joined us to share what they love most, with all their heart, to do. Its really cool to see the new acts coming along. You can even get up twice if you want to.

My mum has been taking me to the night time events since they started. I have participated in colouring in competitions and won. Born to Sparkle have glammed me up on several occasions. I’ve performed two self-choreographed dances and supported my friends when they got up. I’ve been on a pirate adventure, rewritten the now, four little pigs, and I just missed Fairy Sandy interacting with fairy-fied kids.

Jesse the Wind Wander is a character mastermind and I think my brother is grooming him for Best Friend status. My brother gets right into the make your own adventure sequences and chases me to help him create more for the week after. I feel like my confidence is building and our friends are growing. It’s a really safe place for me.

My Mum usually sees someone she knows and calls it a ‘good mummy’ night. Easy dinner, easy entertainment for us. Winning.

Hilltop Coffee is open again that day at 5.00 for pre-concert drinks for a 5:30 start. Hilton Pizza, nearby, offers a group discount the more pizzas you order for dinner. They cater for all dietary requirements which is great. We like to hang out in the cafe at the end for Delishice Pops, the best hot chocolates and Jesse’s creative and hilarious story telling.

The next Hiltop Open Mic Night is on Monday 19 March. Hope to see you there!


Inez McGushin

Inez McGushin lives with her Mum, Dad and annoying younger brother and attends primary school in the Fremantle area. Her favourite animal is the meerkat. She enjoys dancing, cartwheels, making animation, Youtube vlogs, and being super awesome.