I am an ice-cream fiend, there is no denying it! I am the type of person who will buy a two litre tub and devour it in one sitting. I have found over the years that it is safer for me to go out for ice-cream opposed to having any in my freezer.

Living in Fremantle has its advantages, one of them being ice-cream for miles. No matter where I am in Freo, I can always track down the cool, sweet treat.

Variety is important, and the chosen option depends upon mood. A muffle at the markets is always a great way to mix things up and is available Friday to Sunday. Muffles can be savoury; however, my favourite (you guessed it!) includes ice cream. You don’t know what a muffle is? Imagine a soft and chewy waffle as your cone. Oh, it gets better – the waffle can be filled with whatever you want, from chocolate to peanut butter – and finally loaded with ice-cream. It’s absolute fulfilment right there, folks. Yes, there are vegan options in muffles, so no-one misses out.

No matter the time of year, Dolce Vita Gelato – located in the cappuccino strip – always hits the spot. Dolce Vita Gelato serves amazing ice-blocks in fun shapes, and mountains of creamy gelato with flavours like pistachio, Mars, Bounty, Oreo, Rum Raisin, Choc Mint, Turkish Delight, Milk and Cherry, Bacio, Hazelnut, Choc Tella, Blueberry Cheesecake and Salted Caramel with Peanuts that are mouth-wateringly embellished.  My personal favourite is Freo Delight. This flavour is a real surprise package, perfect vanilla and chocolate with a little caramel topping, finished with chocolate pieces on top. It is a dream!

Ice-cream in Fremantle has been influenced by the spectacular Italian gelati and we are all the better for it. If you haven’t experienced gelati for a while, I suggest popping down to fishing boat harbour for gelati at Cicerellos or, just a bit further out of the city centre, Dolce and Solato in South Fremantle.

Once upon a time when you mentioned the word vegan, you would be lucky to get sorbet. However, things have changed. Most ice-creameries offer vegan options and Roho Bure Vegan Ice Cream on South Terrace specialises in one hundred percent vegan goodness. Vegan ice-cream is usually based on coconut or almond milk, making it creamy and delicious.

Whatever your ice-cream preference, Fremantle can cater to your tastes.



Tracey Simmons

Tracey Simmons is a pivotal member of the Freo Pages management Team. Tracey’s project management skills let her keep everyone in line and on time. Tracey’s employment background is in adult education, project and change management. Outside of flexing her organisational muscles, Tracey enjoys nothing more than spending her weekends out and about in Freo. Tracey is a newcomer to Fremantle, having met her now husband (a Freo native) out the back of Mojos one evening during the RTR winter festival. Like many of our contributors, Tracey is starting to explore her creative talents and Freo Pages is providing the vehicle for her to do so.