Images of India is a fundraising exhibition by local photographer Juliet Murray.

India is a land of contrasts. Poverty is significant, with one in five living in extreme poverty without access to basic human needs. Of the poor, only 20% have access to toilets, 60% to electricity and 6% to running water.

On the flipside, India is a country that is immensely rich; in culture, spirituality and diversity. It is a enchanting and beautiful place, overwhelming to the senses. Juliet says “I find it near impossible to describe in words, thus it is best captured through a lens!”

This fundraising exhibition aims to capture both the magnificence of this sacred country (in particular the people of India) whilst highlighting the issue of extreme poverty and struggles that the people face, in a compassionate and sensitive manner.

Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the Australian Friends of Asha, who work to support and raise awareness of the important work that is done by Asha India in tackling issues that keep slum dwellers trapped in poverty. Their programmes help slum residents gain access to healthcare, financial services and education, and make it possible for them to make long-term, positive changes to their lives.

Images of India opens on Friday 16th March at 6.30pm at the Art of Freo Gallery and runs Wednesday to Sunday 11-4pm until March 25th. Come along and enjoy some complementary drinks and nibbles. There will also be a fundraising raffle with heaps of great prizes.


Ellen McCarthy

Ellen McCarthy is an Arts Manager and Educator, who has grown up around Fremantle. Ellen has been involved in the Arts Industry in Perth and Fremantle for 17 years, through working with local companies as well as her own independent work. Recently she has been focused on supporting visual artists in Fremantle and running a small art gallery.