Living in Fremantle and surrounds is great, but is getting amazing. Free activities and entertainment is something that Fremantle does with such unique style that it makes me excited to keep attending.

Something that happens every week at the Fremantle Arts Centre is the Sunday Music sessions. Every week there is a new person or band to listen to. I went to see Stella Donnelly in January. She is from Fremantle like me. I liked Stella’s voice and the style she chooses. My Dad really likes her music and organised for us to go. That day, the sun was an unusual colour red and ash was falling from the sky. One of my friends kept poking his tongue out pretending it was snow! That was disgusting. Despite these effects from the nearby bushfire, the concert was very enjoyable and lots of families and other groups came.

We got there late and set up around the back and up high, a bit further away from the stage. My parent’s friends and my Aunty met us there and we ate biscuits and had a picnic. I sat on a ledge of stone. It wasn’t that comfortable. My brother didn’t want to sit, he ran around and fell off the back of his chair!

When I wanted to see the performers, I leant against wooden palings and could see all the people below and the stage. It was a pretty good view. If you want to get close to the stage, you need to go super early.

When I go to this event I feel safe and well cared for because almost everyone sits down, so I can see what everyone is doing, and I have a good view of my family from most places. One of my best spots to set up is in the corner with the big seat sculpture. Heaps of kids play there and one time someone had a huge beach ball to play with. That was cool and we were all included. It’s shady there as well and not as hot.

2018 is my second year of coming to this event. I’m glad it’s ongoing and I’m hoping to come back another time.

The Sunday Music sessions for me are a great way to sit down, listen to some music I might not know so well and meet new children who want to interact and join in the fun.

Sunday Music sessions are ongoing until the end of March. They are held outside in the shady grass areas of the Fremantle Arts Centre each Sunday 2-4 pm. Each week is a different artist or musical act and entry is free. This is a licenced event and food is also available to purchase from the café and various food vendors. I recommend a picnic rug to sit on so the grass doesn’t make you itchy.

To find out who is playing in February go to the Fremantle Arts Centre website


Inez McGushin

Inez McGushin lives with her Mum, Dad and annoying younger brother and attends primary school in the Fremantle area. Her favourite animal is the meerkat. She enjoys dancing, cartwheels, making animation, Youtube vlogs, and being super awesome.