1. Apple have a free MacBook Pro screen replacement program.

Turn off your Macbook.

Look at the screen carefully.

Does it look awful?

Clean all those finger printers, children’s hand prints and sneeze marks off it (damp cloth).

Still looks terrible?

If so, you may have a “peeling” retina screen. This is a really common issue on a lot of newer MacBook Pro laptops. Apple has a replacement program for this issue and they will give you a brand new screen, FREE! This applies to all MacBook’s for 4 years from purchase date. You can check if you’re eligible by calling Apple on 1300-321-456 and have your serial number available. They can check the approx. purchase date and take care of the whole process for you. Don’t put up with blurry cat pictures any longer, get your new screen today!

  1. If your MacBook or iMac is running a bit slow, you could have a failing Hard Drive and be about to lose all your data.

All MacBooks pre 2012 and most current iMac computer use traditional mechanical hard drives. These have a spinning disk which stores all your data and they break down over time. When they start to fail often the computer will feel sluggish, become non responsive (you see a lot more rainbow beachballs than you want to) or just die completely, taking all your files with them. Fortunately this is very easy to diagnose yourself. Simply google Smart Utility Mac or go to https://www.volitans-software.com/apps/smart-utility. Download the free trial and test your Hard Drive. If it has any warnings, replace immediately. Also check the Power On Hours. Typical hard drives last around about 10,000 hours, so if you are over this amount consider replacement, you won’t regret it. The great news is that when getting your drive replaced you do not have to go to Apple!  You can simply pop in to any amazing computer shop, like Bentech Computers on Wray Ave in Freo, and ask them to replace your drive with a Solid State Drive. As an aside, replacing your mechanical Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive will make your MacBook or iMac run over 500% faster than when it was new.

  1. Your computer has fans, they get dirty.

Although most people are aware of this, when was the last time you cleaned them? If you don’t clean out the fans all the cat fur, dust, hair, cat fur, bits of crap your computer sucked up from your desk, cat fur etc all builds up and causes the machine to get hotter than it should be, and eventually die. Whilst a MacBook is relatively easy to clean yourself, an iMac should probably be taken to a professional every year or two for a good service and tune and internal fan clean. I don’t know about you, but whenever I think fantastic, professional Mac cleaning, I think Bentech Computers! When cleaning out a MacBooks fans, remember to always remove the fan completely and take away the layer of lint that has formed over your heatsink. Don’t just spray it with compressed air and think it will be sorted, because it certainly will not.

  1. Macs DO get infected!

Many Mac users are under the mistaken impression that Mac OS is immune to the infections and malware that plague their inferior PC using companions. Sadly this is not the case. Although actual virus infections are very rare, Malware infections are EXTREMELY common. Approximately 50% of the macs that we work on at Bentech Computers are infected with Malware. This can range from serious infections to minor annoyances, but it doesn’t have to be this way… Simply download “malware bytes” for free from the internet and scan your computer. The program will remove (almost all) infections for you, and leave your computer running beautifully again. Remember to reboot and scan again if any infections were removed, just to make 100% sure that you are totally clean. Make sure your browser homepage and search engines are correct, and off you go!

  1. Your Mac can check itself!

Macs come with a built in Diagnostic which can identify major issues for you. Although it is fairly basic in what it tests, it can still be a very useful function if something doesn’t feel quite right. To use the built in diagnostic, simply turn off your Mac. Turn it back on and immediately hold the D key down. Keep holding the D until the diagnostic screen comes up. Follow the prompts and in a few short minutes your Mac will check itself out and tell you what it thinks about how well it is doing. Just to be clear, this test is NOT comprehensive, but it will help to identify some critical issues.


Time Machine is a program built in to your Macs operating system. It is free, and arguably the best backup software available in the whole universe. To use it, simple plug in an external drive (preferably blank) to your mac and it come up and asks to use it as a Time Machine drive. Say yes. It then wipes the external drive and sets up the most amazing backup known to man. If for some reason you have set up your Mac to not automatically do this, you can turn Time Machine back on by going to: “little apple in the top left hand corner” / System Preferences / Time Machine. I always tick the little box that keeps the Time Machine status visible in the top bit too, so you can easily see when it is doing something, and how many months it has been since you last backed up. The Time Machine backs up EVERYTHING. All your programs, pictures of your cats, documents (including all the stories you have written about your cats), picture of other cats you have downloaded from the internet, your iTunes music etc. Seriously, back up your data. It is horrible when a client “meant to back up soon but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet” and they lose all their baby photos, wedding pictures, cat videos…

  1. Please, back up your data.

Just in case you missed point 6, it is so important that it warrants repetition – Please, please, please back up!



Ben D'Silva

Ben D'Silva is the manager of Bentech Computers on Wray Ave in Fremantle. They specialise in Apple Mac repairs as well as PC repairs and business networking. They love helping out with any and all IT issues and have been serving the Fremantle community for over 20 years. If you ever need any help with anything computer related and the friendly guys at Bentech will be always happy to help. For more information, check out their website.